A Chicago Fine Art Gallery – featuring the artwork of 17th through 20th century masters.

Gearing up for the Maitres de l’Affiche show!

We are preparing for our upcoming show with all 55 pieces coming back from the framers this week! The frames are beautiful with no mitered edges and gold or silver leafed corners.

The posters are over 100 yrs old. They were created by the same artist who invented offset lithography, the famous Jules Cheret. Cheret was not only an artist but a business man. He realized people loved the big posters but they were not easily removable from the walls. He decided to reduce the image down, put it on better paper, and identify it with the Maitres de l’affiche stamp in the corner. It was sold as a subscription.

Art shows and art openings in Chicago

Artists would vie for the opportunity to be be included in this series. You, as the subscriber, would receive 4 a month, one would always be by Jules Cheret.

At the end of the season Cheret would offer you the opportunity to purchase a dust cover created by him. You could then take the collection to the book binder and to have an album of important posters created.

This is going to be a truly magnificent show with many decorative lithographs that will make affordable fine art gifts for you and your loved ones!

Please join us for the opening reception!
Saturday, December 11 at Zygman Voss Gallery
222 W. Superior Suit 1E
Chicago, IL 60654
Click here for more information or to RSVP


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