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Richard Ranft, “La Répétition de Ballet”

"La répétition de ballet"

We have a gorgeous oil painting in the gallery by Swiss painter Richard Ranft. Born in 1862, Ranft began his studies in Switzerland where he was a student of Eugène Sordet and Gustave Courbet. Ranft primarily worked and lived in Paris, starting his painting career with landscape and human figure studies. The majority of his work was produced around 1900, printed in small editions of 25 or 50 by the Delâtre workshop and published by Edmund Sagot. As a member of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Ranft took part in the exhibitions organized by this group.


One response

  1. Leif Mörtstedt


    14 march there wiil be an auction in Uppsala Sweden .
    Perhaps Zygman Voss Gallery is interesting of
    objekt nr 625 a painting of Richard Ranft.

    In june there wiil be an great quality auction with many nice paitings an other things.
    I have give them same paintings and other things to sell for me for example a great painting(about 100 years old) of a woman with flowers sign Mari.Probale queen Mari of Romania.

    A great painting a picture of Maria Stuart
    with a priest before she will be behead.

    A wonderful ,wonderful little painting of a girl with a dog .Sign Cobbett.
    Greetings from Leif
    Look and see at


    March 8, 2011 at 10:56 am

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