A Chicago Fine Art Gallery – featuring the artwork of 17th through 20th century masters.

The Belle Époque- The Arganbright Collection

Zygman Voss Gallery presents The Belle Époque: an exhibition of the Arganbright collection of 19th century Belle Époque prints, July 27 through the month of August. The exhibition features over 100 museum quality works of the 19th century including etchings, lithographs, and drawings from 15 masters including


The Arganbrights began acquiring their impressive collection in 1997. “We enjoyed the realism of the 19th century masters versus the 20th century abstract art, we  then worked to acquire as many of the Belle Époque artists that we loved,” says Mr. Arganbright of his collection. Introduced to the masters of this lively period by knowledgeable mentors, the lifelong appreciation for these historical works of art began. Finding the artists they liked, Mr. and Mrs. Arganbright would eagerly bid on key pieces and thus acquired a prime collection in a short period of time. This collection, The Arganbright collection, will be on display in its entirety for the first time at Zygman Voss Gallery.

Below are pictures from our opening reception held on July 27, 2013.

Belle Epoque Opening 088

Belle Epoque Opening 101

Belle Epoque Opening 103

Belle Epoque Opening 002

Belle Epoque Opening 008

Belle Epoque Opening 010

Belle Epoque Opening 019

Belle Epoque Opening 023

Belle Epoque Opening 024

Belle Epoque Opening 053

Belle Epoque Opening 055

Belle Epoque Opening 061

Belle Epoque Opening 070


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