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Louis Icart at Zygman Voss Gallery


We are pleased to have several works here by the wonderful French artist Louis Icart. Icart was born September 12th in Toulouse, France in the late 1800’s (there is some dispute over the exact year, it has been listed as 1880, 1888, and 1890.) He was the first born child in his family, who affectionately called him “Helli” after his initials L.I. He began drawing at an early age, and was always interested in fashion. He moved to Paris in 1907 and started painting, drawing, and etching. Icart fought in World War I and continued to produce work during this time. Icart is considered to be one of the biggest names of the Art Deco movement, a term popularized after the Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs in 1925.


Icart was an artist with a zest for living and a love for his beautiful wife, Fanny, his biggest and most consistent inspiration. Icart’s works, the coquette and demoiselle, have a care-free attitude. The prices of his rare masterpieces have escalated sharply in recent years, as collectors vie for and covet their pieces. This is largely due to a broader appreciation for and scarcity of the works. Their appeal is broad and many collectors seeks to capture the allure of Icart’s languid ladies, while others crave the “joie de vivre” and motion as depicted by the leaping hounds and windblown demoiselles.

Icart was not limited to expressing himself with etchings; he also did pastels and sketches, as well as oils. Many who have formed an appreciation for his etchings are unaware of his wonderful oil paintings. The oils are post-impressionistic and bathed in deep, fiery colors of the Romantic Period. They offer an entirely different feeling with their short, quick brush strokes. Although few have had an opportunity in the past to view these striking works, serious art collectors today realize their importance and expression as only Icart could calculatingly portray.

After Icart’s death in 1950, his adoring wife carried out his personal affairs and the promotion of his works, until her own death in 1971.

"Soir de Paris" (sold)