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Joan Miro in Chicago Fine Art Gallery

Last month Miro’s were flying off the gallery walls. Everybody wanted to own one.

We have just acquired two new Miro’s – one lithograph and one etching & aquatint. Please stop by the gallery to view these beautiful pieces of artwork in person.

Joan Miro was the greatest abstract Surrealist of the 20th century. Most identifiable are his classic-period biomorphic abstractions in primary colors, outlined in black, and preserved on muted fields of brown, gray, or blue. These zany, spiky, see-dazed expressions seem allusive to the vagaries of sex, love, conflict, pursuit and escape – as if viewed in a Petri dish for gargantuan’ pleasure.

Throughout his life, Miro remained true to the basic Surrealist principle of releasing the creative forces of the unconscious mind from control by logic and reason, rejecting traditional devices of pictorial representation and composition, and fusing the spontaneous expressions of a logical fantasy with the reality of experience into a higher reality of pictorial creation.

Miro’s work, however, has attained a stature that precludes mere categorization as Surrealist, for his work also contains elements of Primitivism, personal mythology, magic, and innovations in abstraction that make it unclassifiable.

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