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Salvador Dali

Dali’s “The Divine Comedy” at Zygman Voss Gallery

Purgatory, Canto 5 "Virgil's Admonishment"

In 1951, Salvador Dali was commissioned to create illustrations for Dante’s “La Commedia Divina” (The Divine Comedy) in celebration of Dante’s 700th birthday. There are 100 works, divided into “Heaven”, “Hell”, and “Purgatory”, each one representing a canto from Dante’s epic poem. We are very excited to have 9 of them on display here at the gallery. They are all very beautiful and unique, we invite you to visit and see for yourself!

Salvador Dali – The Hippies Suite

Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see the complete collection of Salvador Dali’s Hippie Suite at Zygman Voss Gallery! 

This amazing collection of 11 etchings is Dali’s interpretation of the “Love and Peace” years. Salvador Dali created 11 drypoint etchings with hand coloring in 1969- which he entitled ‘Les Hippies’.  The inspiration came from photographs taken in India by his friend and publisher, Pierre Argillet.

These exquisite etchings were created at the peak of his maturity as an artist – which is evidenced in his technique throughout each piece.  Surrealist characters and bizarre situations converge amidst intricate whirls and golden halos.  Each piece is hand signed on Japon paper.

Salvador Dali’s Hippie Suite is on display at Zygman Voss Gallery until December 8th.  Stop in the gallery and see many more Dali’s on display!

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